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Jewelry Cleaning

You are welcomed to our store for cleaning your jewelry,while you wait ,you can talk and admire our designs.
Our professional stuff will answer all of your questions.  

Diamonds and Gemstones Replacements

All repairs are done in our store by our jewelers.
Most of our customers are very surprised at how quickly repairs are done.
Design By Rizos can replace and set your lost and missing diamonds.
We can also wrap for you a Gift Certificate to present to your special occasion.

Jewelry Customization

Byzantine Crosses,in 14K,18K and Platinum are in our store for any occasion.
All 14k jewelry are also available in 18K gold.
Contact us for jewelry customization & pricing.
We also have a big selection of Wedding Bands,Men's and Lady's

Our site is updated daily

Welcome, we are changing our site and not all items are yet posted. New items are added every day
If you do not find what you are looking for,
please contact us.